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Student spring break extended until March 30 as UA transitions to remote learning.

During this time of social distancing, please note that payments made by mail and refunds requiring a paper refund check will be delayed.  We strongly encourage you to make any required payment electronically; and for any refunds, make sure that you have set up an electronic refund account within your student financial account.  Payments by electronic check are free. 

For questions, please contact Student Account Services using our chatbot (BamaBot) or  We have live agents responding on BamaBot.


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News From Student Accounts Services

Tuition Insurance

UA is happy to announce that tuition insurance is available to students through GradGuard.  Students and parents can learn more information by visiting Tuition Insurance.  Purchase of tuition insurance is completely optional andRead More...
By : Kristy Pritchett | Apr 30, 2019

New Tools to Verify Student’s Payment Status

There’s a new tool available to students to verify the payment status of their class schedule each term.  Students should go to the Student tab in myBama.  They’ll see the new messagesRead More...
By : Kristy Pritchett | Apr 21, 2017
Contact our office if you have any questions regarding student account payments. We’re always happy to take your call.
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