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Join our staff for our live Q&A sessions to help answer your billing related questions. Login information will be published here for each event the morning of the session.

  • July 18th from 12:30 pm until 1:30 pm CST
  • July 22 from 11:30 am until 12:30 pm CST
  • July 30th from 3:30 to 4:30 pm CST

Fall 2024 Bills

Fall 2024 billing will begin July 15th and bills are due upon receipt. If you haven’t completed payment arrangements before noon on August 12th, you may lose your class schedule.

Summer 2024 and all prior term bills are now due in full.

If your schedule is not secure for the semester, you will not be able to attend football or other athletic events; dining dollars and other privileges will not activate until your payment arrangements have been completed.

We strongly encourage you to make any required payment electronically; and for any refunds, make sure that you have set up an electronic refund account within your student financial account. Payments by electronic check are free and we now accept payments by wire.

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If you are having issues logging in to your authorized user or student financial account:

  • Try clearing your browser history.  This resolves most issues we see.
  • Authorized users must use the email account set up for them by the student.  If you aren’t getting the password reset email, you are probably using the wrong account to log in.

Changes in Format or Schedule

In the interest of your health and safety and that of all UA students, faculty, staff, the University reserves the right to change the mode of instruction or schedule of delivery of instruction at any time, in its sole discretion, based upon prevailing public health and other guidance. This could include the transition from our planned methods of delivery including on-campus, hybrid, and remote classes and experiences to – if circumstances warrant – the exclusive provision of University services, classes, and other instruction or experiences on a remote basis, as practicable, or on an alternative schedule.

We are committed to maintaining the delivery of instruction to allow students to continue their education with minimal disruption, but the University cannot guarantee or promise to provide a specific mode of delivery of services, classes, instruction, or experiences, or that the mode of delivery will not change during the semester.  While the method of delivery may change, educational instruction and opportunities will continue. As such, the University will not provide any refund of tuition, in whole or in-part, based on a change in the mode of instruction or schedule of delivery of any services, classes or other instruction or experiences.

COVID-19 News

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News From Student Accounts Services

Do you know about UA’s financial literacy program? Check it out at today!

Wonder about the status of your financial wellbeing? Take the financial wellbeing quiz.

International Payments with TransferMate

The University of Alabama has partnered with TouchNet and TransferMate to provide a streamlined and secure payment method through your student account that also reduces bank fees and improves your payment experience.

Tuition Insurance

UA is happy to announce that tuition insurance is available to students through GradGuard. Students and parents can learn more information by visiting Tuition Insurance. Purchase of tuition insurance is completely optional and is between the student and GradGuard and must be completed before the first day of classes each semester.