How do I access my student financial account?

Access information and instructions can be found on our Make-a-Payment page.

My authorized user account is locked.  How do I reset it?

If your account is locked, it will automatically reset in 30 minutes.  Once it unlocks, you can reset your password.  If you need immediate access, contact Student Account Services at 205-348-5350 or and someone will assist you.

I got a call from Student Accounts.  What was it about?

We place calls from time to time to remind students and authorized users that a bill needs to be paid in order to secure a class schedule.  Please log into your student account to view and pay your bill.

How do I set up my refund account profile?

Students must log in to their financial account via myBama to set up their refund profile account.  Once logged in, students should choose Electronic Refunds from the menu on the right side of the page.  To set up an account, choose the green Set Up Account button and follow the on page instructions.  Students can use any personal checking or savings account they prefer.

Banking regulations in effect for 2021 require that we verify each new account before a transaction can be processed to that account.  There is a minimum 3 day waiting period required for each new account that must be verified.  An account only has to be verified once.

How do I see where my refund went?

Students can view their refund history by logging into their financial account via myBama.  Choose Refunds from the gray menu bar at the top of the page.  This page will show you if your refund was sent via Direct Deposit as an ACH type transaction or to a credit card that was used to pay on the account.

PLUS loan refunds that have been directed to a parent will be mailed via check to the address provided on the loan application.  To change the location the check is sent to or redirect it to the student, the parent must contact Financial Aid prior to the refund being issued.  Financial Aid can be reached by phone at 205-348-6756 or via email at

Can a parent make payments on an account and confirm a schedule?

Yes, if your student adds you as an authorized user with access to his/her student account. View instruction for setting up access on our how-to videos page. The authorized user will also receive notices and reminders of billing dates and deadlines. The student is still responsible for ensuring payments are made in the designated time frames.

My student is receiving a scholarship from a non-UA organization. Where should the organization mail the check?

The scholarship check should be mailed to Student Account Services (address below).  The students name and campus wide ID should be sent with the check.

If my student participates in the Alabama PACT Program, are they required to present the PACT identification card?

If you are a PACT participant and have been admitted to the University, PACT is automatically credited to your student account. We work closely with the PACT office to coordinate the exchange of this information.

Will my student be billed for charges incurred throughout the semester?

Yes, expenses such as library fines, parking fines, and student health center charges, etc., are applied to your student’s account as incurred throughout the term. Monthly e-mail reminders will be sent to the student’s myBama account, and any authorized users for each web billing cycle. Failure to pay by the due date may result in a $30.00/month late fee and a transcript hold fee at the end of the term.  Additionally, students will not be allowed to register for future terms if they owe a balance for the current term or a previous term.

How do I access my 1098-T (Tuition Tax Statement)?

1098-T statements can now be accessed via your student financial account through myBama.  You’ll see your most current 1098-T tax statement in the Statements box on the main page. Click the view statements button to access prior year 1098-T’s. Find the tax year you would like to see and select the view button next to it. You will be directed to ECSI’s webpage and details of your current and previous statements will display. You will also have the option to View/Print each years 1098-T statement.

Students who no longer have access to myBama can view their statements at the following link: or by calling ECSI at 866-428-1098.

Changes to the 1098-T Form for 2018

For more on student tax information, please visit

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