How do I access my student financial account?

Access information and instructions can be found on our Make-a-Payment page.

Can a parent make payments on an account and confirm a schedule?

Yes, if your student adds you as an authorized user with access to his/her student account. View instruction for setting up access on our how-to videos page. The authorized user will also receive notices and reminders of billing dates and deadlines. The student is still responsible for ensuring payments are made in the designated time frames.

My student is receiving a scholarship from a non-UA organization. Where should the organization mail the check?

The scholarship check should be mailed to Student Account Services (address below).

If my student participates in the Alabama PACT Program, are they required to present the PACT identification card?

If you are a PACT participant and have been admitted to the University, PACT is automatically credited to your student account. We work closely with the PACT office to coordinate the exchange of this information.

Will my student be billed for charges incurred throughout the semester?

Yes, expenses such as library fines, parking fines, and student health center charges, etc., are applied to your student’s account as incurred throughout the term. Monthly e-mail reminders will be sent to the student’s myBama account, and any authorized users for each web billing cycle. Failure to pay by the due date may result in a $30.00/month late fee and a transcript hold fee at the end of the term.  Additionally, students will not be allowed to register for future terms if they owe a balance for the current term or a previous term.

How do I access my 1098T (Tuition Tax Statement)?

1098-t statements can now be accessed via your student financial account.  You’ll see a link to your statements in the Statements section on the main page.  Click the link, scroll down to the 1098-t section, and select the statement you want to view.  You’ll be directed to Heartland ECSI’s page.  Choose the “view” option and your statement will display.

Students who no longer have access to myBama can access their statements at the following link: or by calling Heartland ECSI at 888-549-3274.

Changes to the 1098-T Form for 2018.

For more on student tax information, please visit

How does a student set up direct deposit?

View instruction for setting up direct deposit on our how-to videos page.


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