This policy applies to the following payments:


The purpose of this policy is to ensure The University of Alabama is in compliance with federal financial aid, Internal Revenue Service (IRS), student privacy and grants management regulations.  This policy applies to all students.

This policy applies to the following payments:

  • Scholarships, fellowships, and other academic awards, not associated with compensation.
  • Payments to defray and/or reimburse a student’s travel, research, or other institutionally authorized personal expense.
  • Reimbursement for expenses incurred for the benefit of the University.

This policy does not apply to compensation or any other form of fee-for-service payment. The form of the payment does not override the reason for the payment when determining whether this policy or, instead, compensation policies are applicable.

Payments to students from grants and contracts must also comply with the policies located on the Office for Sponsored Programs Policy and Procedures web page.

For international students, special tax rules and potential federal withholding may apply. Further information is available on the Tax Office International Tax web page.

Scholarships, Fellowships, and Other Academic Awards

A scholarship, fellowship or academic award made to an enrolled student must be recorded through the Scholarship Tracking/Financial Aid System and should not be submitted on a Concur Invoice Payment Request, or on a Payroll Personnel Action form.

For undergraduate student awards, process through the scholarship coordinator for your school or division. Use the Banner account code 781213.

For areas processing Undergraduate (UG) scholarships or other UG academic awards that do not have a school or divisional coordinator, the following information should be submitted to Simone Willis in Undergraduate Scholarships, 203-O Student Services Center, Box 870109,

  • Award amount
  • Award distribution (e.g., ½ Fall 2006, ½ spring 2007, etc.)
  • Student’s full name
  • Student’s CWID
  • Name of Fund awarding the scholarship
  • FOAP of scholarship
  • Scholarship Subcode (example: 81238L)

For graduate and law student awards, process as follows:

  • Single semester payments (or payments for two semesters) – Provide the same information as specified under undergraduate students above.
  • For graduate students use Banner account code 781214
  • For law students use Banner account code 781227.

Graduate student awards which are to be disbursed monthly – Complete the Graduate Scholarships, Fellowships, and Other Academic Awards form and process to Kerri Morthland in the Graduate School, 101 Rose Administration, Box 870118,

If the funding source is from a sponsored program, the form must be submitted to the Office of Contract and Grant Accounting for approval and forwarding to the Graduate School. For graduate students use Banner account code 781214, and for law students use Banner account code 781227. The award will be applied to the student account. For presentation purposes, departments may use a letter or certificate of their choosing.

Note: A student must be or have been enrolled for the award period to receive the scholarship or award. If a student is selected for an award (e.g., Honors Day) in a year subsequent to his last enrollment and the student is not expected to return in the upcoming semester, the award must be processed on a Concur Invoice Payment Request. Note on the Payment Request that the payment is for a non-enrolled student.

Expenses Incurred for the Benefit of the Student

Payments provided to defray and/or reimburse a student’s travel, research, or other department approved personal expenses (actual or estimated), not expressly related to University business, include the following examples:

  • Payment of funds solicited by the student for research or travel (funding awarded by graduate school, Student Government Association, department matching funds, etc.).
  • Payment of expenses for travel or research initiated and conducted by the student (the student’s own research project, thesis, dissertation, etc.).
  • Payment of funds from a grant specifically for the purpose of enriching the student’s education and training (e.g., training grants).
  • Payment of funds to defray/reimburse authorized personal student expenses for participation in a University of Alabama function (dry cleaning expenses associated with participation in the Million Dollar Band and Capstone Men and Women, etc.).

These type payments should be submitted on a Payment to Student form and sent to Geneva Dove in Student Account Services;, 105 Student Services Center, Box 870120. Groups of awards directed through Student Account Services may be processed by sending the information specified above in a spreadsheet. When processed through Student Account Services, the payment will be credited to the student’s account and deposited via direct deposit. When the student’s account is in a delinquent status, Student Account Services reserves the right to apply the payment to the student account and not refund the amount to the student.

A student must be enrolled when the expenses were or will be incurred; or, must anticipate returning for the subsequent enrollment period. If the student incurred the expenses while not enrolled and will not be returning, the payment request must be processed on a Concur Invoice Payment Request through the Accounts Payable Office. Indicate on the Payment Request that this is a non-enrolled student payment.

Expenses Incurred for Benefit of University

Undergraduate, graduate and law students (whether or not they are employees) may be reimbursed for expenses incurred on behalf of the University when there is a direct connection between the expense and the business purposes of the University. Such reimbursements are not reportable to the IRS by the University as income to the student, provided the required documentation is submitted. Business related expenses reimbursable to students include:

  • Expenses incurred by a student, necessary to further a department member’s research project or otherwise to fulfill the University’s obligations under a contract or grant.
  • Expenses to attend a conference/event at which the student is officially representing The University of Alabama at the request of a department member.
  • Reimbursement for departmental operating supplies and business entertainment.

Such reimbursements should be submitted to Accounts Payable on a Concur Invoice Payment Request with expense documentation attached. In addition, attach the Certification Statement for University Business Expense Student Reimbursement form signed by the department member who authorized/requested the student to incur expenses for the benefit of the University. To ensure the timely and accurate reporting of all University expenses, reimbursements should be substantiated, documented, and reported by the student on an approved Concur Invoice Payment Request no later than sixty (60) days after completion of a trip or the date on which the business related expense was incurred. Any expense reimbursement request submitted more than 60 days after the expense was incurred is treated as taxable income, subject to withholding per IRS regulations.

Payment to Student Form
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