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Financial Implications of Withdrawal Tuition and College/Course Fees

Tuition and college/course fee charges are reduced following withdrawal from all classes in an enrollment period at a rate based on the date the student initiates the withdrawal process in the Office of the University Registrar as reflected in the “Proration of Tuition and College/Course Fee Charges”.  Links to policies on current proration dates are provided below.

Proration for medical withdrawal is based on the withdrawal effective date as determined by the designated Student Health Center physician, on behalf of the University.  Withdrawal due to involuntary military induction (supported by valid military induction notice) will result in full tuition removal. Documentation for medical withdrawals and involuntary military induction must be received before the last day of classes for the term in which the medical need or military call up is being requested.  For dropping an individual course, proration is determined by the date the student initiates the action.

Students who have chosen to refuse vaccinations and are subsequently sent home as a result of an epidemic outbreak on campus will not be entitled to a medical withdrawal for the term.  Proration of charges and fees will be as of the date of the campus event.

Enrollment periods are the fall semester, the spring semester or the summer term. The summer term includes several different sessions – a 3 week Interim session, two 5 week summer sessions, and a Law School summer session.

Students are not entitled to refunds or cancellation of amounts due for residence hall contracts unless they withdraw from all classes.

Proration of Tuition and College/Course Fees

Undergraduate and Graduate

English Language Institute


LLM-Masters in Law

Non-Traditional Courses/Open Learning Courses – Online Courses and Print-based Independent study

New College Life Track


Financial Implications of Withdrawal Dining Dollars and Bama Cash

Upon withdrawal from the University, unused Dining Dollars and/or Bama Cash are transferred to your student account and will be used to cover any outstanding balance due on your student account. If a credit remains, a refund will be issued in the following manner:

  • To the credit card used to pay the student account in accordance with the University’s policy governing refunds.
  • By direct deposit to the student’s bank account of record.

Financial Implications of Withdrawal Housing Charges

Students are not entitled to refunds or cancellation of amounts due for residence hall contracts unless they withdraw from all classes.  An occupant who withdraws from the University is liable for room fees prorated to the date of completing proper checkout following withdrawal.  See http://housing.ua.edu  for more information.